The style of yoga we offer is called Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This creative and evolving form of yoga will take you through a whole body experience with the breath as the navigating guide. Flow classes offer a complete spectrum of rhythms based on the experience and energy of each class. These rhythms range from rejuvenating and meditative to empowering and challenging. The combination of flowing sequences and held postures naturally generates heat in the body. Vinyasa Flow Yoga builds strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong focus. Students of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners are empowered to explore and discover what their bodies are capable of in a safe, non-competitive environment.


Yoga is an invigorating physical practice. It is also an inward journey of self discovery and healing that has the ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul. The grace, clarity and strength that comes from the practice of yoga gives you the necessary tools to move through life’s challenges with a sense of groundedness, ease and fluidity. No matter your gender, age, strength or flexibility – YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE. You don’t need to be fit, skinny, bendy or have any special gear; just come with an open mind and see how yoga can enhance your life.


If you’re new to the practice of yoga the classes that we would recommend starting with are Level 1, Slow Flow, Ambient Flow or Restorative Yoga. The Level 1 class is designed for beginners, whilst the Slow Flow, Ambient Flow and Restorative Yoga classes are at the gentler end of the Flow Studio spectrum so that beginners can integrate with ease.

• You do not need to be flexible to attend a yoga class. Inflexibility makes you the perfect candidate for yoga.

• Please arrive no more than 10-15 mins before class commences.

• Inform your teacher of any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice.

• Remove shoes before entering the studio. Yoga is a barefoot practice.

• Mats are provided but you may wish to bring your own. We always recommend that you purchase a mat that is right for you once you’ve committed to a regular practice. Non-slip Yoga Towels are a wonderful purchase for our Flow Heat classes.

• Props such as blocks, straps and bolsters are provided, which some teachers may use to assist students in postures.

• Don’t practice with a full stomach. Please try to leave 1-2hrs between a small meal and your practice. If you need to have a quick snack before class, try to eat something small, high in nutrition and easy to digest. Here's a few suggestions 

Raw vegetable sticks – red or yellow pepper, cucumber, carrot, celery, fennel

Yoghurt (goats’ or sheep is easier to digest) blended with some berries, apple or pear. Add some chia, flax or hulled hemp seeds for extra protein.

A few olives

Eating slowing and calmly will allow give the body a chance to digest the food completely.


• Honour any limitations you may have. Always choose the modifications in class that are right for you and rest when you need to. Yoga is non-competitive.