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FLOW - The essential energy of life, which we cultivate through the practice of yoga.

With a desire to practice yoga in a welcoming, fun and evolving community, this journey begins like many others..... dragging a few mats to dusty community centres and putting out a cup for coins where people gathered to practice yoga.  Add music, friends, celebration – and a lot of inspiring yoga, Flow Studio began! 

As Elizabeth Welty embarked on a PhD in Education at Queen's University she wanted to balance the scholastic with yoga, mindfullness and community. She put out a call to yoga teachers to join a cooperative in the beautiful Blick shared studio in the Queen's Quarter.  As one of the first teachers to join in the cooperative, Eleanor Steane soon set the standard for Vinyasa Flow Yoga in our community.

With Elizabeth creating structure and space and Eleanor bringing the integrity, content and 'Flow' to the yoga practice, the cooperative evolved into a business partnership.  Growing organically into their second studio, which was renovated with the help of Flow's wonderful community of teachers and students. 

Elizabeth and Eleanor continually expand edges of yoga practice offered in Belfast by inviting musicians, international yoga teachers, and local innovations into the studios.

We are so grateful to all of the teachers, students, artists and friends who have been involved and helped us along the way.