Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an All-Levels class that offers a complete spectrum of rhythms that range from rejuvenating and meditative to empowering and challenging. The combination of flowing sequences and held postures naturally generates heat in the body to build strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong focus. 


Vinyasa Flow: Heat

We offer heated practices (31–33 degrees) in our Hill Street Studio that combine posture work, movement and heat to raise the core temperature, build strength and cleanse the body, allowing for a deeper release from your practice. Want a little heat with your Yoga? Look for classes with the red dot next to it.


Vinyasa Flow: MELLOW

Vinyasa Flow Mellow is a great class for anyone wanting a slower, more relaxed pace. Dive in to the finer details of your practice and explore, in depth, your body’s full range of motion. Anticipate a deep release on all levels!

**Please note: MELLOW Classes are available in our Malone Rd studio** 


Vinyasa Flow: STRONGER

Vinyasa Flow Stronger is suitable for the more experienced practitioner who has a strong foundation in yoga and is ready to advance their practice & challenge their limits. These classes explore more complex postures and creative Vinyasa Flow sequences. Awaken your playful spirit to help take your practice to a whole new level of strength and openness! 


Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is suitable for all levels, but particularly useful for those who find a normal yoga class too challenging, due to illness or injury. The focus of this class is based around making the body as comfortable as possible. Props such as blocks, cushions, bolsters, straps and chairs are used as support. Resting in a pose for anywhere up to 5 minutes with Full Yogic Breathing helps to stretch and align the body, while manual adjustments and visualizations are used to enhance self healing. 

This recuperative class allows time for your body to relax, strengthen & renew.


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