Flow Heat classes pair breath, movement and heat to raise the core temperature, build strength, cleanse the body, and allow for a deeper release from your practice.

Our Hill St. studio incorporates clean and green technology that ambiently heats the studio to maintain a temperature of 30°C, ensuring that heat and humidity are carefully controlled, and optimum levels of fresh air are maintained in the studio. This provide s a comfortably sweaty environment that complements the natural heat generated in a vinyasa yoga practice.



Sweat is good! Sweating on a regular basis allows the body to release toxins and waste providing room for vital nutrients and hydration. Be prepared to sweat in your FLOW HEAT class.

Healthy Connective Tissue

Yoga opens the body’s connective tissue. A heated Yoga practice enhances this process, allowing the body to stretch more fully, lubricate and renew, resulting in greater flexibility and energy. 

Boosts immunity

Viruses cannot survive in high temperatures, so increasing the body’s core temperature fights infections, which are pushed out through the sweat. A heated Yoga practice also increases the body’s production of white blood cells, which fight infection. 

Weight Loss

Raising your core temperature and building more muscle, burns more calories. Diet also improves as the body craves healthier food when practicing regularly.



Keeping well hydrated allows the body to sweat, detoxify and cool down. Drink plenty of water up to half an hour before your FLOW HEAT class, and after the class ends. During your class, take little sips so as not to cool the body down too much.


Drinking water alone may not be enough because the body loses vital salts via sweat, which need to be replaced. Consider adding electrolytes to your water, or drink coconut water, both of which contain valuable nutrients such as potassium, sodium and vitamins. Listen to your body: if you start to feel confused, dizzy or nauseous during your FLOW HEAT class, you may be overheated. To prevent this we advise: breathing slowly and evenly throughout your class; taking breaks whenever you need them; honour any fatigue; and drink water whenever you need to.

Consider buying a ‘Yoga Towel’

They feature a soft absorbent material on one side, and a grippy rubber base. A yoga towel can make all the difference in helping hands, feet and other body parts stay in place during a sweaty practice. This is probably the most cost effective long-term solution. They range from £10 up and come in a funky array of colours. (Secret: we don't think it's essential that you buy the most expensive one, the cheaper ones are very effective too)

BEFORE your Flow Heat class: 

Drink plenty of water throughout the day; avoid caffeinated drinks; wear clothing that breathes; avoid eating within the hour before your practice; get plenty of potassium in your diet.

AFTER your Flow Heat class:

Have a nice shower; drink plenty of fluids; eat a snack soon after finishing; and rest