With regular yoga practice in a safe and non-competitive environment, your child will develop self-awareness, self confidence, balance, co-ordination and strength, as well as physical and mental flexibility. 

LITLE YOGIS (age 4-7)

Our Little Yogis class is a joyful introduction into the practice of yoga. In a relaxed and playful way your child will learn about their body and its capabilities, their breath and voice.

We request that a parent or guardian either participate with the child or remain on the premises during the ‘Little Yogis’ session.


When children are educated about yoga poses they develop strength and self-awareness. When they learn about the teachings of yoga through their practice they are given tools to help them navigate through life’s challenges with grace and ease. Patient and positive direction is given at all times, encouraging confidence and creativity. Through yoga your child will be introduced to the idea of being responsible for their own health and well-being and how to maintain it. They will also learn how to relax their body and mind and find a calm, quiet focus within themselves that they can connect with at any time. 

YOGA FOR TEENS (age 13-17)

Diving deeper into the practice of yoga this class aims to be both challenging and rewarding for the independent teen. With a committed practice students will build strength on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. Clear, patient direction in a non-competitive environment will develop your teenager’s self-awareness and confidence, which are two very important tools to have in this very demanding world. This class will further emphasise the importance of being responsible for their own health and well-being.