This 4hr workshop is designed for the mum-to-be and her birthing partner.

Approach labour and birth with confidence and learn to see it as an empowering rite of passage. This workshop brings the birthing couple together to learn about the physiology of a normal birth and the connection between the body, breath and mind. From this foundation they will cover preparation for the journey to birth with movement, communication, touch, positioning and the breath, enabling them both to embrace their deeper primitive instincts. We’ll explore ways to help partners be a supportive presence during birth. They will learn simple ‘positive intervention methods’ to help reduce pain, create space in the pelvis for the baby to descend, support and guide the mother with confidence and love. We will discuss potential emotional and physical obstacles that can effect labour and how best to overcome them.

Eleanor is an experienced & qualified Perinatal Yoga Instructor and Childbirth Preparation Teacher. Get in touch directly by calling 077 1727 7433 to book your place.